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 More about The Webmaster 

Hey , I am  from Singapore . I decided to start this website on Wednesday, January 05, 2000   .

The reason I created this website because 

  1.   And  it is to mark the end of year 1999 .Thank my Lord for you had blessed me greatly in Year 1999 .  A prayer listened in the prayer page!  And a brand Mew Millennium a head. Hope God  help me to be closer to him in  new Millennium .                                                       
  2.  I  created this website  theme is more on Christianity. Partly  Because I  feel I could not give much to him . I am not actively involved in my church activities due to my quiet and shy  nature , So I guess I decided to dedicate  a website for thy.  I love creating website , so  I decided to  do my part by being a Christian website developer. Well ,  It is not good ,as this is my first time creating a big website .Pals pardon me! 
  3. I am not good in communicating verbally to people . I hope through this website , I would able to bring the message of God's love to all  web surfer out there . I dun know how to do  great website to tell you all of God love . I could just tell you all !  God had been in my life for  9 years . But  he really show me his love in every way . I will share more in my testimony. 
  4.  One is stated on my homepage which I had .My first priority; is to get my diploma . I had been struggling for years for this diploma. And throughout this period it was tough one for me .So I decided for this period  I am going to spend  to


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  5.   I was curious what is dating and courtship and I happen to buy a book on that . I read it during my vacation holidays . And this is when the website is born. 
  6.  Music had been my hobby as  I had learn piano since young . But due to financial difficulties , I had to stop it . I  had one day when I will able to go back and learn my skill in music and I will able to glorify him with my skills  one day with music .



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