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Thursday, December 30, 1999

Living  for Sensual Pleasure , Forgiveness  & Consequences 

2 Samuel 11:1-12 ; 25;

In this episode  with Bethesda , David allow himself  to fail in deeper and deeper in sin . 

  1. David abandoned  his purpose  by staying  home from war (11:1)
  2. He focused  on his own desires( 11:3)
  3. When temptation arrived , he looked into it instead of turning away (11:4)
  4. He sinned deliberately (11:4)
  5. He tried to cover up his sin be deceiving others (11:6-15)
  6. He committed murder  to continue the cover up (11:15, 17)Eventually,David's sin was exposed (12:9) and punished (12:10-14)
  7. The consequences  of David's  sin were far reaching , affecting many others( 11:17 , 12:11 , 14,15)

David  could have chosen  to stop and  turn from evil at any stage along the way . but once sin gets started ,it is difficult to stop ( James 1:14,15). 

Application to us :The deeper the mess ,  the less we want to admit having caused it . It is much easier to stop sliding down a hill when you are near the top than when you are halfway down . The best solution is stop sin before it start . 

11:25  we seen clearly that when David kill Uraih ,his response was a flippant and insensitive heart .  He show no grief . Y ? David had become callous to his own sins . The only way he would cover up for his first sin ( adultery ) was to sin again and soon he no longer feel guilty for what he had done .Deliberate , repeated sinning had  dulled David sensitivity to God's Law and other's right . 

Applications to us :Feelings are not reliable guides for determine right and wrong .  The more you try to cover up a sin , the more insensitive  u become towards it . Dun be harden to sin as David did .Confess your wrong doing to God before you forget they are sins . 


What was the consequences of David sins ?

Because David murder Ukiah and stole his wife . 

  1. Murder become a constant treat  in his family ( 13:26-30 18:14 , 15:1 1 kings 2:23-25 )
  2. His household rebelled against him( 15:13)
  3. His wives were given to another in public view(16:20-23 
  4. His first child with Boatshed died ( 12:18)

If he had know all these . he might not pursues the pleasures of the moment 

Confession of Sin


 David confessed and repented of his sin (12:13) ,But God judgment  was that his child would die . The consequences of David sin were irreversible. 

Application to us : Sometimes an apology isn't enough . When God forgives  us and restore our relationship with him , he doesn't eliminate all the consequences of our wrong doing . We may  be tempted to say ," if this is wrong , I can always apologies  to Gad ," but we must remember  that we set motion events  with irreversible consequences. 


12:14Y did  This child had to die ?

This was  not a judgment on the child for being conceived  out of wedlock , but judgment on David for his sin . David and Bathsheda deserved to die , but God spared their lives and took the child instead . God still work for David in  building the kingdom 

If the child would have lived God 's name would have  been dishonored among  Israel's pagan neighbors What would you think of a God  who rewards murder  and adultery  by giving a king a new heir ? A baby's death is tragic , but despising God bring death to entire nation . While God is readily forgave David sins, he did not negate the consequences . 

12:20-24 Show of  Repentance

David did not continue to  dwell in his sin . He returned to God , and God forgave him ,opening the way to  begin life anew . Even the name God gave Solomon ( Jeddiah ," loved by Lord "12:25) was a reminder of God's grace . 

Application to us : 

When we return to God  , accept his forgiveness and change our ways ;he gives us a fresh new  start . To feel forgiven as David did , admit your sins to God and turn to him . Then move ahead with a new and fresh approach to life .


Background music :  Change our  heart( One of favorite  in my Chinese Worship)

Thoughts : Yes , sometimes ,becos for a pleasure of a moment , we become folly , to be insensitive to God . And sometimes  when we sin , we become insensitive too . Know your heart and know your desires rite . Sin God forgiveness with a repentance heart !  Anyone who had the lyrics  Click on !