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My first love was a guy  named  Sam  . And his first love was  basketball . He had been a Christian since childhood  and  never elevated his hunger for God above  the trill of placing that brown ball through the hoop . In the process of our dating , though , and he and his family were responsible for my conversion . Beyond that ,  the 2 things were right  about our relationship , we are both Christians , and he was a guy and I was the gal . 

We were regulars at Church , of course , and even occasionally discussed the sermons . But our relationship was based on the cornerstone of physical attraction , and we were security  blanket for each other . We went  through 5  years  of  ups and downs marked by jealously  and selfishness  . Had we not been  so emotionally involved , we would have broken up much sooner . As  it was , out late parting  in our college years was painfully close to a miniature divorce . 

We both knew for months that the relationships were not what it ought to be . We were miserable with each other  and just as miserable without each other  . getting out of the car , and closing the door of a relationship  ended a chapter of my life . I had know Sam so long that facing the reality of no future relationship  with him is like  adjusting to a divorce or his death .

 Music = " A broken Spirit"  Lyrics

Thoughts :Sometimes when something  fail U badly  ,whether in a  relationship or your career or studies , you tend to become  feel  broken at your heart . But  it in at those moments , you must remember the lord will be there!