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This is a YEAR 2000.

The end of Year 1999 and the day of a new Year 2000. Wipe away the past  And make a fresh new start. A well known preacher Henry Ward Beeched(1913-1887) said ,"We had passed through one more year . One more long state in life, with ascents and descents and dust and mud and rocks and thorns ,Burdens that wear your  shoulder , is done. The  old has gone .Roll  it away. Let it go. God, in his providence , has brought us out of it. It is gone .. Its evil is gone; its good remains."

For you who had already know Christ ,as  your savior , surely , U would  let go of the past and  move ahead with assurance because  Jesus provided forgiveness and hope .

Tell God of your past sins , heartaches ,failures  and  pains . Forgetting  those things which are behind ,"  and look forward to the  future with hope and confident,' reaching forward to those thing which are ahead( Phil 3:13) Remembering God is faithful .Forget whatever past mistakes , greet this new year with joyous anticipation .

Leave the sins and failure of past years behind , Accept his forgiveness and press on to higher ground . As our shortcomings are  concerned , we can make the beginning of the  new year  by  walking with him more closer.

Adapted from Daily bread :Dec 31 1999.


OR have not join the family of God yet ?? What are you awaiting for ?

Make a  new year with a brand new start  , with a new  decision that would change your life !

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