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For you 've been alive for...

Look at the  years you had live in this world ?Dun U  feel you are weary . You never understand  what u are struggling each year for ? For survival ? For fame ? For yourself ? Had  Life become  pure meaningless for you . Sometimes You seek comfort in   things  around you . But sometimes , they let you down too ! And  There is none  to turn. The burdens is unbearable at times . You tried to cover them  with alcohol , drugs , sexual relationships ,fame , money , knowledge ( a degree ) and others . Sometimes ,   they start to master you . And you start to lose directions someday! A poor man once thought that having money would make  him a happy man . He used to struggle to find a shelter for himself. Then once he  managed to strike it big one day.  And with his power and possession , he start to pursue more and more . Still the day he   found dead on  the street ? Money ? How long would  it give you joy ?

maybe you could said ," Knowledge . " As  long as I am a man of wisdom , with PHD and degree of alls.  You had status and everything . You are busy pursuing your certi . in college . And  what is knowledge . If you dun know  a much greater wisdom , that is Jesus . What the use of knowing  " the famous and math equation " which you applied for  your experiment but not know someone who would save you for external ?

Or have you had lots of broken relationship ? If so what  have you done about it ? Have you ignored it , attacked the person ,manipulated the situation , involved the wrong people  , talked too much , forgotten the timing and tact , covered  up , or discarded it ?

These are wrong things to do . If you are a Christian , the right thing to do  is to follow the steps modeled by Christ : choose  to love , humble yourself , suffer willingly invite reconciliation and offer forgiveness. 

If you are not Christian , thought you should consider about an broken relationship that exist you and God .  And when u restore that relationship with God , your relationship with others will come . And  God will give you a different views  of your life . A whole new life ! 

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