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A Broken Spirit

Don harris And Martin j Nyston

1993 Intergrity 's Hossanna ! Music /ASCAP

A broken Spirit
And a  Contrite heart
You will not  despise
You will not despise
You desire Truth
in the inwards parts
A broken spirit 
And a  Contrite heart

Lord , my heart is prone to wander
prove to leave the God I love
Here 's my heart
Lord take and seal it
Seal it for your courts above

You desire truth in the inward parts
A Broken spirit and a contrite Heart
A Broken Spirit and a contrite heart


Found in " Songs  For Devotion .Available at Any Christian CD BookShop                         

 I will give  this song  3 Full Stars out of 3 . It is one of my favorites!


My thoughts : Sometimes we feel broken within our heart , never fathom Y things will made this way . Y  suddenly someone who we love went away or life bring uncertainity for us , but  dun despair . Becos for the when times like this , you know the Lord desire you !