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Lyrics (by Jenn Erickson)

I was not made a butterfly
To flit and float across your sky,
To flirt with worry and with strife,
Let doubt or fear into my life.
Tossed by every blowing wind
Of pleasing words or false doctrine,
Tiny and frail, and easily led -
This could have been, and yet instead ...

An eagle’s wings you’ve given me,
A mountain view, a path to see,
A call to climb to greater heights
To fly by faith and not by sight.
A piercing gaze, a steady eye,
A glory crown, a victory cry.
I have also a fortressed nest;
The Rock, the tower of your rest.

I praise you, Lord, for peace in me
And for your whisper, “... soar with Me.”


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My thoughts :

Sometimes life get down on me . I had a tough time trying  to pick up all the messy pieces of  my life. Sometimes I tend to wonder Y after  I had been an Christian  and things get tougher on me , I start to lose faith and hope  I face persecution from my non Christian friends , and   more challenges  ahead .  I remember someone ask me, "Y am I  such a failure ? " And sometimes it hurts . But  When I listen to this song , I  learn that  being a Christian is not a butterfly where we fly lows and  life is a bed of roses . I learn that  GOD  want to  be like the  eagle fly higher  so that I can see more further  and be closer to him .

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 An eagle to fly higher and see beautiful Mountain view like this !