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Prayer to mark the Year End 

O god most faithful , 

The year is fast fading away , forever beyond the recall . but thy faithfulness  never fades await ; it is from everlasting  to everlasting, Great in thy faithfulness ! Thou hast been good to me. Thou art  good when Thou givest   as when Thou  takes await; when the sun shines and when it rains . Thou art  good by day and night . Thy goodness , is unchanging y. Thus hasn't love me  before the foundation of the world , and thou  hast loved me  all the days of years .

On Thy goodness I draw strength for the year ahead , With Thee , my God , the future  is secure . Through stormy days of fairs weather , I know thou will be with me . Grant me sufficient for every task , perseverance in difficulties in rejoices in every circumstance . Thou hast begun  a good work in me will surely perform  it through yet  another year , until  the day  of Jesus Christ.In his name  I pray