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The ways of  The Nations

Our culture  exerts  a strong pull  on our lives that we could be easily brainwashed  into the following the patterns of the world around us ,only arrive on the other side of altar with  a " Ho hum " marriage . God warns us , " Do not learn the ways of the nations...For the customs of the peoples are worthless "( Jeremiah 10:2-3)

Ways of the nation

The  philosophy of living for the moment is everywhere ." you can go around once in your life , so grab for all the gusto you can get . "James said  You lust and do not  have ; so  you commit murder (James 4:2 ,NASB), meaning  that you fulfill  your passions immediately, even if you have to sacrifice another person welfare

Talking about 2 young Christians  know each other for short time .They came  to premarital counseling . Evident  that they are immature  emotionally and spiritually  and their  relationship was based on physical attraction. - Took "right  now" apple ,and Marriage . But later after marriage they found that their initial attraction to each other wore off , they had married someone  they didn't know . 5 difficult years of financial woes, small children , and marital counseling have demonstrated to them the repercussions of living for the pleasure of the moment. If these 2 person have known each other  without the complication of physical involvement , they might avoided a disappointing marriage 

A lesson learn : At least Six Months of courtship  before any marriage

Living for the moments not only  affects decisions to get married , but also attitudes towards marriage takes place .

Some people have  marriage as testing  ground. When asked when they're going to have children after marriage, they would said , " They are waiting to see the marriage  works out . They dun like bring children into a broken marriage . : Marriage for  keeps was a maybe or maybe not proposition in such people . 

For Christians , that mentality is unthinkable because Scripture teaches  that Marriage is a the symbolic picture of Christ union with it brides , the Church( Ephesians 5:23)

Based in that relationship , divorce is not an option for 2 believers ; to entertain such possibility  means you shouldn't be thinking of a marriage . To a culture that lives for the moment , the Christian 's concept of lifelong commitment  to 1 person  stands out in one sharp contrast . 

Scripture uses a vocabulary quite differently from our culture and generation / In the bible , we see synonyms for words like discipline , restraint , waiting , responsibility and commitment , to name a few . Though it might sometimes appeared that god would like to thwart out all of our fun .Nothing could be further from the truth 

" for I know the plans I have for you . . . they are  plans for  good not for evils , to give you a future and a hope .( Jeremiah 29:11 The Living Bible .)

Living for sensual 

talking about people revolution of sensual love .

The culture revolution : 

Sexual Experimentation before marriage is applauded   to determine the compatibility and acquiring skills .

A article from  book . Open about how people should view relationship .

God have given sex for marriage . He devoted one book in the bible , Song Of Songs  , description of the heights of physical enjoyment is   possible in married love  only. 

The world has a shortsighted , painfully inadequate understanding of all what God meat sex to be . Sex involves all that you are as a person  brought together with another person to reflect the complete oneness of Christ and his  bride , The church 

Living for someone who loves you . 

Thoughts of this world - They believe that  we find that special someone , our lives will take on real meaning . Our personalities will blossom , and our imperfections will disappear . 

The facts - suddenly you waken to realize  that  what once seemed like moonlight and rose is now daylight and dishes . People with the same fears , old habits , and insecurities that they  had before marriage . And  they think that special someone would help point out these inconsistencies!  Finding that  special someone is not the ultimate answer to someone needs .

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Background music = Create A Clean Heart

Thoughts the world have been corrupted and sometime we may be polluted by it . Therefore I use this music as the theme . praying for God to create in us a clean heart ! Anyway got the lyrics of the song  email me !