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The truth to assertion that happenings is having someone to love . 

It 's just  that the world has the wrong someone in mind ! 

No human relationship can fill that God shaped vacuum  that lies inside us all . As Augustine said ," We  were made for God  Himself . , and our hearts are restless until they had  their rest in  thee ." David reminds us that " In thy  presence is fullness of joy , in thy right hand , there are pleasures forever ." (Psalm 16:11,NASB)

Until we acknowledge that we are made first and  foremost for God and that in Christ we have been made complete (Colossians 2:10) ,we quite naturally fall into the world trap of seeking fulfillment into a relationship with another person .And a relationship built on such built basic will naturally leave us disappointed as we see that person fail . We are all sinners, redeemed and unredeemed . We must be rightly related to God ( the vertical dimension) in order for our relationship with another person( the horizon) to take real meaning.

As in  simple sentences - Seek Fulfillment in The God first . You cannot seek fulfillment in relationship . Dun ask how your partner could feel your needs .Dun try to get from the relationship .

A Christian truly fulfilled in Christ is able to give in a relationship because his basic needs have already been met by his relationship with God . In his love and timing God brings into union 2 people who are looking for ultimate fulfillment .And 2 people seeking to give , not get ,spell out a good marriage in large letters. 

Considering the sacrificial love Of God for his children ,it cause him anger and pain when we make am idol of a human relationship . Anytime we allow a person to be foremost in our thoughts and to be the goal of existence , we are heading for disasters .

Summary : Jesus must be your first love 

The Choice is yours 

 To make the right  choices in  area of  dating  is in deed a battle , because the pressure  are so great . God ' most powerful weapon for  insured victory  is his word . The more alive the scripture  is to you  personally , the more  your thinking will change and behavior will follow . 

Sometimes you may think getting a date is a small choices,  often were quite painful , Whether easy or  difficultly , those choose actually determine the rest of your life. 


The illusion for youth is ," I have all my  life  before  me . My choice right now won't make any difference .' Yet  in the span of a few short but curial years, decisions  are made that open  or close some door for a life time . All of a sudden , it's too late to develop solid friendships with the opposite sex , or exercise more sexual  restraint or study  harder and party less . Life has moved on . 

Going  against  the grain of your culture means a willingness  to reject a sensual ,self centered  lifestyle . 

God in his sovereignty  has left you the guidance of his world and the prompting of the holy spirit . But ultimately , your will in free , and the choices is yours.

 The end of Chapter 1 .